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              • Fenghuang production base of Feymer

                Fenghuang production base of Feymer

              • Production base of Boyi

                Production base of Boyi

              • Production base of Feymer Membrane Technology

                Production base of Feymer Membrane Technology

              About us

              Jiangsu Feymer Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise with core technologies for hydrophilic functional polymer products, which mainly serves waterborne industries, including water treatment and pulp&paper making, mining, textile and dyeing, oil &gas extraction and other industrial water process fields. Feymer specializes in the production and supply of functional monomers, water treatment chemicals, industrial water process chemicals, water treatment membrane products (MBR, UF, NF and RO), and also provides membrane application technology and related engineering and operation service.

              Feymer is the director member of National Functional Polymer Industry Committee, council member of China Association of Environmental Protection Industry and member of China Membrane Industry Association. Its holding parent company is Jiangsu Feixiang Group.


              Products and services

              Marketing contact
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              Nantong Boyi Chemical Co., Ltd.
              Suzhou Feymer Membrane Technology Co., Ltd.
              Suzhou Juwei Environmental Technology Co., Ltd.
              Suzhou Jinqu Environmental Technology Co., Ltd.

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